ASUS WS Motherboard Capable Of Installing Ryzen Threadripper PRO

ASUS Japan has announced the Pro WS WRX80E-SAGE SE WIFI workstation motherboard, which will go on sale on March 26.

This workstation motherboard is equipped with the AMD WRX80 chipset and uses Extended ATX, and supports the Socket sWRX8 CPU socket, allowing for the installation of AMD’s Ryzen Threadripper PRO CPU. The memory slot is DDR4-3200.

The memory slots are DDR4-3200MHz DIMMs x 8 (up to 2048GB). Storage: 3 x M.2, 2 x U.2, 8 x SATA 6Gb/s. Expansion slots: 7 x PCI Express 4.0 x16.

Networking includes two 10 Gigabit LANs, WI-Fi 6-compliant wireless LAN, and Bluetooth 5.0.

It also has BIOS FlashBack, a feature that updates the BIOS without using the CPU and DRAM. Just connect the power supply and a USB flash drive containing the necessary files to the BIOS FlashBack port and press a button to update the (UEFI) BIOS.


Apple Releases iOS 14.4.2 — Fixes “Potentially Exploited” Vulnerability

On March 26, 2012, Apple released updates iOS 14.4.2, iPadOS 14.4.2, and watchOS 7.3.3 to fix a serious vulnerability affecting iOS, iPadOS, and watchOS.

The vulnerability affects Apple’s WebKit, which, according to Apple, can cause universal cross-site scripting through the processing of maliciously crafted web content. The vulnerability could be actively exploited.

The vulnerability will be fixed in iOS 12.5.2 for iPhone 6, iPhone 5s, and older iPad models.

Apple is currently in beta testing for the next major update, iOS 14.5. It is believed to include a feature that allows the Apple Watch to unlock the iPhone using Face ID.


The IMac Pro Disappears From The Site, And The 21.5-Inch IMac Is Changing.

Some Macs come and some go, Apple’s iMac Pro has disappeared from its official website, and the 21.5-inch iMac is also running low on storage options.

It was originally announced earlier this month that the iMac Pro would be discontinued while supplies last, and even though the end of sales was planned, we’re still sad to see it go. I would have loved to get my hands on one of those space gray bodies.

On the other hand, the 21.5-inch iMac is no longer available in 512GB SSD and 1TB SSD configurations. The disappearance of this high-end option suggests the end of the model rather than the arrival of a new model.

In fact, rumors about the next iMac have already appeared, and it is reported that it will be equipped with Apple silicon and come in five different colors. In addition, some benchmark scores have been reported. On the other hand, according to Bloomberg, the next iMac will have a significantly redesigned 24-inch and 27-inch configuration, and the 21.5-inch model will be discontinued.

At this point, it is not clear when the next iMac will be released, but perhaps it will be soon.


Experience The 360Hz Display And Efficient Cooling Of The Razer Blade, The Latest Model To Arrive In Japan.

The Razer Blade 15 Advanced is the latest and greatest model from Razer, a brand name in the gaming laptop industry.

The best feature of the Razer Blade 15 Advanced is that you can choose between a display with up to 360Hz/FHD resolution or 240Hz (G-SYNC)/QHD resolution. With specs that rival those of gaming monitors, you’ll be able to outperform your competitors.

The specs are also top-notch, with a 10th generation Core i7-10875H paired with GeForce RTX 3080/3070, 16GB/32GB of RAM, and 1TB SSD for internal storage.

Cooling these powerful systems is the Advanced model’s exclusive “vapor chamber” system. The vapor chamber system, exclusive to the Advanced model, efficiently releases heat to the outside through evaporation and condensation of the liquid inside. In addition, as is typical of gaming laptops, the RGB light emission can be customized for each key.


A thermometer that can be linked to a smartphone would be much more convenient.

Omron has released the MC-6800B, a sonic thermometer that can transfer measurement data to a smartphone, and is used to measure body temperature, which is the basis of physical condition management.

The MC-6800B looks like an ordinary thermometer that is used between the armpits. However, with its sonic communication function, it can transfer body temperature data to the OMRON connect health management application. The fact that it uses the microphone of your smartphone to transfer data is quite innovative.

With OMRON connect, you can check your daily body temperature on a graph, or output the measurement data to a CSV file and send it via email. This could be used for reporting to your workplace or doctor.

The MC-6800B is scheduled to be released on March 25. With this thermometer, you’ll be less likely to forget the data you took.


Huawei Mate 20 Pro begins OS update

The Huawei Mate 20 Pro SIM-free smartphone is now being updated to EMUI 11 (based on Android 10). notification will be sent to users’ devices gradually after December 24, 2020. The company claims that all devices will be able to update in about a month.

EMUI11 is a customized operating system based on Android 10 that includes features to enhance usability and expand the scope of UI and design customization.

The downloadable file size is large at about 4.49GB, so Wi-Fi is recommended. The company also recommends that you run the update with at least 50% of your device’s battery remaining, and that you back up your personal data such as photos, videos, and contacts before running the update. At the time of update, the device must have at least 6GB of free storage space. The version information after the update is as follows.

Before update

LYA-L29 GPU Turbo

LYA-L29 GPU Turbo

After update

LYA-L29 GPU Turbo


For Windows 10, Microsoft has released a fix for Windows 10 corrupted discs and blue screens of death

Microsoft has acknowledged and fixed a bug in Windows 10 that could have caused critical issues on systems running the chkdisk tool. This is a tool that can be crucial in case of issues on the computer’s storage system: it can be run via command line and allows you to check the volumes of a storage device and look for logical or physical errors on file system metadata. By running it on Windows 10 2004 and 20H2, users could have damaged the file system and prevented future access attempts.

The problem, and how to fix it
Microsoft has not yet specified on which Windows versions the problems could occur as a result of running chkdsk, an issue currently reported only on the pages dedicated to updates KB4592438 and KB4586853 released for Windows 10 2004 and 20H2, in December and November respectively. The bug was reported by G√ľnter Born, after Planet3DNow users had already reported it publicly.

Microsoft explains it like this: “It has been reported that on a small number of devices on which this update has been installed, the file system may become corrupted after executing the chkdsk /f command, and the device will no longer boot correctly.” The issue has been fixed according to Microsoft for all unmanaged devices without the need for user intervention, although it may take up to 24 hours before the fix is rolled out to all systems. To speed up the process, you can reboot all potentially affected devices after downloading the above mentioned package.

What to do if your system is already damaged
For those who have already run chkdsk /f on their system, damaging the file system, you can try to restore the boot by performing some basic steps provided by Microsoft. However, it is not certain that the steps will lead to a full restoration of the systems functionality:

After a series of failed boot attempts, the system should be booted into the Recovery Console

From the Recovery Console select Advanced options

Select Command Prompt

Type chkdsk /f followed by the Enter key.

Wait for the storage drive scan to complete. Once complete, type exit followed by the Enter key.

The device should boot up as expected. If the reboot leads to the Recovery Console select Continue – Exit and continue with Windows 10

Once the steps are complete the system should reboot and once again scan the primary storage drive. Once completed the system operation should return to normal.


Google Assistant UI is installed on Chrome: How to activate it

The integration of Google services with proprietary applications developed by the Mountain View giant continues to grow, and in this case we talk about the arrival of the Google Assistant UI for voice searches within Google Chrome on Android. Until now, in fact, a tap on the microphone icon inside the search Omnibox of Google Chrome involves the activation of the classic voice search UI now known to all, but from today you can activate the new Google Assistant search UI.

A flag is enough to activate the new UI
Available within version 87 of Google Chrome, currently the new voice search with Google Assistant can be activated through the following flag:

Once you enter the above code inside the Google Chrome URL box and choose the “Enable” option, you may notice the Google Assistant UI appearing as the one shown in the GIF below following a browser restart.

Basically, the search results don’t change, but the new interface makes the user experience more homogeneous between the use of Google Assistant at the operating system level and within the web browser. The feature was in the works since January, but only since today you can activate it via the appropriate flag.

If you haven’t already done so, we recommend updating Google Chrome to the latest version available via the Play Store badge below.


CHUWI 10.1-inch tablet with new “Jasper Lake” CPU

China’s CHUWI will release the Hi10 Go, a 10.1-inch Windows tablet with Celeron N5100, in April. The price has not been announced yet.

It is a 2-in-1 with detachable keyboard and uses 2.5D curved glass for the display. The display is made of 2.5D curved glass with a screen resolution of 1,920 x 1,200 pixels. It uses the Jasper Lake Celeron N5100, the latest architecture and 10nm process manufacturing, with a base clock speed of 1.1GHz and 2.8GHz in burst mode.

Other specifications include 6GB LPDDR4 memory, 128GB eMMC storage, stylus pen and keyboard dock support.

Interfaces include 2 x USB Type-C, HDMI port, 3.5mm mini jack, and microSD card slot. Wireless functions include Bluetooth 5.1 support. Body size is 243.9 x 162.6 x 8.5 mm (W x D x H). The battery capacity is 22Wh.


Crash when printing after applying the latest Windows 10 patch.

Microsoft is investigating an issue that causes a blue screen with the message “APC_INDEX_MISMATCH” when attempting to print from certain printers under OS Build 19042.867 with the latest patch for Windows 10, KB5000802, applied. We are investigating the issue.

KB5000802 fixes a privilege escalation vulnerability related to the Windows print spooler, but some printers are believed to be affected by this. The problem has been reported on overseas forums and Twitter in printers manufactured by Ricoh and Kyocera.

Microsoft is investigating the issue and will update the information as soon as there is progress.