Google Assistant UI is installed on Chrome: How to activate it

The integration of Google services with proprietary applications developed by the Mountain View giant continues to grow, and in this case we talk about the arrival of the Google Assistant UI for voice searches within Google Chrome on Android. Until now, in fact, a tap on the microphone icon inside the search Omnibox of Google Chrome involves the activation of the classic voice search UI now known to all, but from today you can activate the new Google Assistant search UI.

A flag is enough to activate the new UI
Available within version 87 of Google Chrome, currently the new voice search with Google Assistant can be activated through the following flag:

Once you enter the above code inside the Google Chrome URL box and choose the “Enable” option, you may notice the Google Assistant UI appearing as the one shown in the GIF below following a browser restart.

Basically, the search results don’t change, but the new interface makes the user experience more homogeneous between the use of Google Assistant at the operating system level and within the web browser. The feature was in the works since January, but only since today you can activate it via the appropriate flag.

If you haven’t already done so, we recommend updating Google Chrome to the latest version available via the Play Store badge below.

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