A thermometer that can be linked to a smartphone would be much more convenient.

Omron has released the MC-6800B, a sonic thermometer that can transfer measurement data to a smartphone, and is used to measure body temperature, which is the basis of physical condition management.

The MC-6800B looks like an ordinary thermometer that is used between the armpits. However, with its sonic communication function, it can transfer body temperature data to the OMRON connect health management application. The fact that it uses the microphone of your smartphone to transfer data is quite innovative.

With OMRON connect, you can check your daily body temperature on a graph, or output the measurement data to a CSV file and send it via email. This could be used for reporting to your workplace or doctor.

The MC-6800B is scheduled to be released on March 25. With this thermometer, you’ll be less likely to forget the data you took.

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