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Apple Magic Accessories To Launch With USB-C Soon

plans to add a USB-C port to its Magic accessories lineup soon. These include the Apple Magic Mouse, Magic Trackpad and the Magic Keyboard. The company is transitioning all its products with lightning ports to USB-C after the launch of the Apple iPhone 15 series.

USB-C Apple Magic Accessories To Arrive Soon

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According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, the Apple 2023 product lineup is an iterative upgrade until the company offers better USB-C integration across all products. Gurman claims these interim products will have modest upgrades to keep customers loyal to the Apple ecosystem.

The new Magic Mouse, Magic Trackpad and Magic Keyboard will arrive with the USB-C port next month. It will launch along with the iMac next month. The company also plans to launch the standard AirPods with USB-C port next year. Apple has already released the AirPods Pro 2nd Gen with a USB-C port.

Adding the USB-C to the Magic lineup could be an interesting change, as the current models have been criticized for having a lightning port at the bottom. However, there is no information on whether Apple will change the position of the port or not.

Gurman further predicts the AirPods Max will also transition to the USB-C port but does not provide the exact timeline. He also claims accessories like the MagSafe Battery Pack and MagSafe Duo will return with the USB-C port.

The company is also working on the 10th anniversary Apple Watch, dubbed the “Series X”, with new features and design. It will be the most significant overhaul to the Apple Watch series, with a thinner case and a new way to attach bands. Furthermore, it will also have a blood pressure monitor and AI health coaching service.

Next year, Apple is also planning new iPads with OLED displays, an M3 processor for the MacBook lineup, bigger iPhones, and an Apple GPT AI model. Apple is expected to generate 123.5 billion dollars of revenue during the holiday season.

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iOS 17.5 Beta: 5 New Features You Didn’t Know About

The iOS 17.5 beta update is here with plenty of much-awaited and useful features. This new update adds the ability to prevent AirTag tracking and some incremental UI changes. Furthermore, EU users can also download apps directly from the developer’s website. The update is live for select developers and will arrive soon for all devices. Here is everything you need to know about the latest iOS 17.5 update.

iOS 17.5 Beta Features: Everything New In This Update
1.Anti-Air Tag Tracking: Apple is cracking down on AirTags that stalkers use to track people. The latest iOS 17.5 update will allow users to disable nearby tracking devices using the Find My app. Moreover, this includes the option to turn off non-Apple devices.
2.Install Apps Directly From the Website: Users living in the EU can now download apps directly on their iPhones. Consequently, this is a massive win for consumers and developers alike, who now have an alternative method of installing apps apart from the App Store.
3.Improved Podcast Widget: The new iOS 17.5 Beta Update introduces a minor redesign for the podcast widget. Moreover, this change allows its background colour to match the podcast’s cover art.
4.Block All Participants In Group FaceTime: The code in the iOS 17.5 beta update reveals it could bring a new feature to “Block All Participants” in a group FaceTime call. While this is not functional, a report claims it could arrive soon to help the call host prevent spam.
5.Minor Redesign: The iOS 17.5 update adds several small tweaks to the Apple Books app icon and the Passkey Access for Web Browser in the settings.

These are all the changes that you can expect in the iOS 17.5 update. While the update has yet to be rolled out for all users, it will likely arrive in May. It will also be the last major update before iOS 18 debuts at WWDC.

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Upcoming Apple’s A18 Pro Chip May Offer On-Device AI Performance

Apple’s next iPhone 16 series is scheduled to be released in September 2024. This is a much-awaited device among users. Many rumours claim that it will come with significant improvements. Which includes a fresh design, improved camera features, and a new chip. According to early reports, the Cupertino-based tech giant is preparing the A18 Pro processor for its next iPhone series. This chip comes with a focus on artificial intelligence (AI) features. Apple used its older A16 chip for the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus models. But, the all-new A17 Pro chips used in the Pro models. Now, the A18 Pro chip is in the pipeline.

A18 Pro Chip
According to a report from 9to5Mac, Apple is planning changes to its A18 Pro chip for artificial intelligence in its devices. The company is ramping up chip production faster than usual. The 6 GPU version of its A18 Pro will have a larger chip area compared to the A17 Pro. It reflects the trend towards edge AI computing. The chip will take a large area suggesting that the chip can accommodate more transistors and specialized components. This brings even more on-device AI features to the iPhone 16 Pro lineup.

The report highlighted that Apple may face challenges balancing these factors. To avoid this, Apple has accelerated production of the A18 Pro ahead of the launch of the iPhone 16 later this year. So, artificial intelligence is processed directly on your device instead of in the cloud with edge AI computing. Apple is rumoured to take a two-pronged approach to AI features this year, leveraging cloud infrastructure, perhaps in collaboration with Google, for some features, while others are entirely on-device. The iPhone 16 series is expected to launch later this year with major changes and upgrades. You may see A18 SoC in standard iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Plus while the iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max may come with the A18 Pro chip.


iOS 17.4 Update Arrives On iPhones, Brings These Features

Apple has finally released its much-awaited iOS 17.4 update for iPhones, bringing new features, including the ability to download apps from third-party app stores in select markets. You also get better Stolen Device Protection and Caller ID for verified business, among many other features. Here is everything you need to know about the iOS 17.4 Update

iOS 17.4 Update Brings Ability To Install Apps From Third-Party App Stores
The iOS 17.4 update is rolling out to all eligible devices and requires at least 7.96GB of storage space to install. Make sure you have adequate storage and battery for a successful installation.

The iOS 17.4 update adds a new prominent feature: the ability to install apps from alternative app stores in EU countries. This is to comply with the DMA mandate of the European Union, which will also require Apple to offer new app controls and alternative app payment options.

The ability to install apps from third party apps store brings iOS 17.4 one step closer to Android in terms of openess however this feature is currently available only in the EU. Furthermore, EU users will also get the option to choose from non-Apple Pay services and change their default browser from Safari.

iOS 17.4 Features For Global Users
For users in the rest of the world, you get new emojis, including mushroom, phoenix, lime, broken chain and shaking heads. Moreover, there are also new automatic podcast transcriptions in the iOS 17.4 update for English, Spanish, French and German.

The Podcast app now offers transcription options, the ability to highlight text with audio sync apart from sizeability, text size change and VoiceOver.There are also improvements to Stolen Device Protection, including more authentication so the thief cannot lock the original user by making changes.

The iOS 17.4 update also brings caller ID for Apple-verified businesses, better details about battery health in settings, the ability to add songs to the library via music recognition, and a new Siri feature to announce messages in select languages.


Apple iPhone 17 Could Bring This Much Awaited Display Upgrade!

Apple is planning some major changes with its upcoming iPhone 17 lineup. Although the Apple iPhone 17 series is at least a year away from launch, it will bring some much-awaited upgrades to consumers when it comes to display.

According to a report, the Apple iPhone 17 and Apple iPhone 17 Plus will offer ProMotion displays with a 120Hz refresh rate. This premium feature is currently found on the Pro iPhone models.

iPhone 17 And iPhone 17 Plus To Offer 120Hz Displays
The Apple iPhone 17 and Apple iPhone 17 Plus will boast ProMotion displays, providing a smooth scrolling experience with their 120Hz refresh rate. Furthermore, these phones will have LTPO support, which will dynamically adjust the refresh rate from 1Hz to 120Hz based on the content.

Moreover, these new iPhones will also have Always-On display support, and the LTPO feature will help preserve the battery while ensuring the display remains on. However, the availability of these features depends on whether Apple’s display supplier, BOE, can provide enough panels to meet the demands of the iPhone 17 lineup.

Rumours suggest it is likely to be one of the reasons why Apple is refraining from using ProMotion displays on the Apple iPhone 16 and the Apple iPhone 16 Plus. BOE will ramp up its production by 2025 to scale up to Apple’s sales expectations for the iPhone 17 lineup.

Fans have been complaining about the lack of a high refresh rate on the base iPhone models for years, and it seems Apple has finally caught up with the competition with the iPhone 17 series. It will also go a long way in building consumers’ trust in the company.

iPhone 17 To Bring Better Selfie Camera, Will Be Made In India
The Apple iPhone 17 series will also pack a better 24-megapixel selfie camera, although analysts claim it could result in a higher price tag. Moreover, the iPhone 17 Pro models could sport under-display front-facing cameras.

The iPhone 17 Pro Max will also feature a 48-megapixel telephoto lens. Apple is likely to start the production of the iPhone 17 lineup in India, marking the first time the company will begin production outside of China.

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Apple iPhone 11 Receiver Not Working? Find Here The Reasons & Fixes

If you are facing with Apple iPhone 11 receiver issues? Do not get anxious as the remedy is here. The Apple iPhone 11 is provided with the best receiver ever built into an Apple iPhone. Your Apple iPhone 11’s receiver should produce loud, crisp audio. However, if your sound crackles or becomes muffled, you will be unable to enjoy using them because they are simply not working.

So here are a few things you can try before seeking any professional help. In this article, we will explain why the Apple iPhone 11 receiver faces issues and how to resolve them permanently.

How to fix an Apple iPhone 11 Receiver?
Flip the Apple iPhone Ringer Volume Up
The Ring/Silent switch allows you to quickly turn your ringer on and off. If you flip the switch to silent then your Apple iPhone will not ring. You can set the ringer volume on your Apple iPhone independently from other sounds, so it may not always be ringing. Turning up the volume on your Apple iPhone may increase the volume of other sounds, but your ringer volume may remain silent or extremely low.

Ensure Your Apple iPhone Is Not in Headset Mode
Gunk, lint, or other debris in the charging port might cause your Apple iPhone to think at this instant that it’s connected to headphones. Therefore, your Apple iPhone will not play any audio through the speakers.

Clean Out Your Apple iPhone 11 Receiver
If you keep your phone in your pocket, lots of dust can gather around its speakers over time. Lint, dirt, and other debris may be blocking the speakers of your Apple iPhone 11, resulting in these muffled sounds. Ensure that the receiver’s opening is not blocked. Clean the receiver opening with a slim, soft toothbrush. Ensure the brush is clean and dry. Ensure that a screen protector is not blocking the sound if it is still missing or distorted. Consider removing all screen protectors, films, and protective cases from your device.

Restarting your device
If you notice an unexpected drop in call quality, restart your phone. You might also want to check that your SIM card is properly positioned or switch LTE from Voice & Data to just Data to see if that helps. If the microphone of Apple iPhone 11 suddenly stops working or starts randomly cutting out, this should resolve the issue. Below is how to get there.
Go to Settings > Cellular > Data Options > Enable LTE > Data Only.

Update iOS On Your Apple iPhone
Updating your Apple iPhone 11 to the latest iOS release can easily address some iOS issues on an obsolete version.

Reset All Settings
Issues with the Apple iPhone 11 receiver can arise due to incorrect settings configuration or corruption in individual app files. While restoring the Settings app to factory defaults does not solve all software issues, it is a common solution for technicians to troubleshoot issues that would otherwise be difficult to identify.


Apple Foldable iPhone Or An iPad Loading In 2026, Reports Claim!

Apple’s first foldable device could launch in 2026 or 2027, according to a new report from an “industry source” in South Korea. The possibility of a 7-8 inch foldable device has sparked excitement and speculation about Apple’s next breakthrough innovation. Many technology companies are currently launching foldable devices, but Apple has yet to make its debut in the foldable segment.

What Is The Actual News About Apple Foldable Device?
Apple’s much-anticipated foldable device effort could become a reality sooner rather than later, with speculation pointing to a possible 2026 launch. What’s interesting about this reveal is the uncertainty as to whether the device will arrive as a foldable iPhone or a foldable iPad. Rumours are raising the possibility of acting as a replacement for the iPad Mini series. However, Apple is rumoured to be simultaneously developing an iPad mini with its OLED screen, creating mystery regarding the company’s strategic roadmap.

Behind the scenes, Apple is working on a partnership with display providers Samsung and LG. The partnership includes the provision of samples of foldable panels, with Samsung reportedly leading the development of these cutting-edge displays. However, conflicting views on key design elements can impact a device’s production schedule.

Samsung Display and LG Display have reportedly provided samples of foldable screens in 6-inch and 7-inch sizes, respectively, to Apple. Now, it looks like Apple will poise to do even bigger things with what could be the company’s first foldable device. Then, perhaps around 2028, the company may also launch its 20.25-inch foldable product, branded either with his iPad or Mac. The 20.25-inch size obviously refers to the folding screen inside.

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iOS 18 To Be The Biggest Update Ever, Will Bring These Features

Apple is already working on the iOS 18, and the new update will offer plenty of generative AI features. A new report suggests the upcoming update will be the biggest in the company’s history.

This major iOS update will bring AI features across the board, offering a similar experience to Galaxy AI. Here is everything you need to know about iOS 18 and what features you can expect with it.

iOS 18 Update Will Bring Ambitious Changes With AI Features
According to a report by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, the upcoming iOS 18 will be the “most ambitious and compelling” update in years. Furthermore, Gurman claims that Craig Federighi, Apple’s head of software engineering, told employees that the upcoming update will have “ambitious changes all around”.

In addition, the iOS 18 update will offer plenty of AI features, including a complete overhaul of Siri based on LLM (Large Language Learning Model). Moreover, iMessage will also offer AI integration with the ability to complete sentences and ask questions.

Other apps, such as Apple Music, will be able to create AI-generated playlists, iWork (Keynote and Pages) will offer AI features for productivity, and Xcode will help developers code apps faster with AI.

Apple will likely announce the next iOS version during its WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) in June. These AI features could cost the company around $1 billion for development.

Furthermore, the Apple iPhone 16 series will likely rely more on iOS 18 instead of bringing any major hardware changes. These phones could also offer AI features similar to GalaxyAI and Google Pixel 8 series.

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iOS 17.3 Update Now Rolling Out With Stolen Device Protection

Apple is rolling out the iOS 17.3 update to all eligible iPhone users with plenty of new features. The major highlight of the update is the new Stolen Device Protection feature, which can secure your device in case someone steals it.

Other new features include Collaborative Playlists, Unity Lockscreen wallpaper and more. Here is everything you need to know about the new iOS 17.3 update.

iOS 17.3 Update Brings Stolen Device Protection

The iOS 17.3 update adds a new Stolen Device Protection feature that will require FaceID or TouchID to perform certain actions when someone steals your iPhone.

Some of these actions include viewing passwords, resetting the device, turning off the Lost Mode, applying for a new Apple Card, using payment methods in Safari, using passkey, setting up a new device with the iPhone and performing actions in the Apple Wallet app.

Furthermore, actions like changing your Apple ID password, updating Apple ID settings, changing the passcode of your iPhone, removing Touch ID/FaceID, Turning Off Find My and Turning off stolen device protection will have a one-hour delay apart from requiring Touch ID/FaceID authentication.

To enable stolen device protection in iOS 17.3, navigate to Settings->Face ID & Passcode-> Stolen Device Protection. You will also receive a prompt to try the feature after installing the update.

Other Features In The Update
Another new feature in the iOS 17.3 update is Collaborative Playlists in Apple Music, where you can invite friends to join your playlist. Your friends can change the order of the songs, add new ones, remove them or react to a song with emojis.

There is also a new Unity lockscreen wallpaper to celebrate Black History Month. Moreover, the update adds an option to stream content to TV hotels and better crash detection on all iPhone 14 and 15 models.


iOS 17.0.3 Update Fixes Overheating On iPhone 15 Pro Series

Apple has started rolling out the iOS 17.0.3 update that fixes the overheating issue widely reported by users on the Apple iPhone 15 Pro series.

Apple had previously acknowledged the presence of the issue and promised to fix it with a software update. This company has also released iPadOS 17.0.3 for iPad users.

iOS 17.0.3 Fixes Overheating on iPhone 15 Pro Models

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The new iOS 17.0.3 update fixes the overheating issue reported by iPhone 15 users. It claims to fix an “issue that may cause iPhone to run warmer than expected”.In addition, the new update also patches security vulnerabilities in the kernel (CVE-2023-42824) and WebRTC (CVE-2023-5217)

Apple had previously confirmed it was working on an update to fix the overheating issue on the iPhone 15 Pro Models.

The company said third-party apps like Instagram, Asphalt 9 and Uber were also causing the phone to heat up. It was working with developers to issue a fix.

Even Apple iPad Pro and Apple iPhone 14 Pro users also faced overheating when running the Instagram app. Uber and Instagram have now been updated, but Asphalt 9 has yet to receive an update.

Similarly, users reported the iPhone 15 Pro models were getting hot during the initial setup process and when charging the device. This especially affected the Pro variants, which reduced their screen brightness significantly outdoors due to the overheating.

Apple confirmed this overheating issue was due to a bug in iOS 17. Some reports suggested it was due to the titanium body or the A17 Pro chip. Contrary to media reports, the company said it would not throttle the performance of its iPhone 15 Pro series. It also said that the titanium chassis provides better heat dissipation than previous models.