What Is Vintage iPhone? Here’s Everything To Know!

Are you wondering what is vintage iPhone? If yes, this article is for you. Apple has recently stamped its iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S as Vintage. This device has been one of the most loved iPhones ever. And if you have ever used any of these phones, you will surely get the nostalgia back.

There was a time when vintage words were used for fashion and watches. Or maybe even cars. We all remember those vintage-looking telephones, right? Well, the same is happening with iPhones now!

What is Vintage iPhone?
A vintage iPhone is something that Apple doesn’t make any more or supports updates on it. There are chances that Apple may not even repair it because of the time it has since its availability in the market. So basically, the product has reached the end of its product life cycle, and hence, it will be termed as Vintage or Obsolete.

In this case, it’s the iPhone 5 and 5S that Apple is now calling them vintage. People love collecting old iPhones as part of a unique and rare connection to show their love for the iPhones. If you are someone who does that, then these iPhones are sure to have a place in your heart.

Why does Apple call the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S vintage iPhones?
Now that we are clear about what the Vintage iPhone is, it’s time to understand why Apple is calling the iPhone 5 and 5S Vintage! For that, we have to delve into the history of these iPhones. You see, iPhone 5 was first released in 2012, that’s 11 years now! Gosh, I feel old.

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