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Google Play Protect Can Now Scan Malware Threats In Real-Time

Google has enhanced its Play Protect security feature with real-time scanning abilities. It can now scan your Android phone in real-time to defend against threats like Malware. This feature will certainly make Android devices more secure against emerging threats.

Google Play Protect Gets Real-Time Scanning

The Google Play Protect feature can look for threats on your Android phone in real time. Google is implementing this new feature at the code level. It can protect against emerging threats such as polymorphic Malware, which can change its identifiable features.

As cybercriminals use techniques like social engineering to deceive users into downloading malicious apps, Play Protect can make your phone more secure.

Google Play Protect will scan your phone when you try installing an app that has never been scanned. You will see a new prompt to “Scan app” and “Don’t install app”.

This prompt will also explain why it considers the app harmful. Google is rolling out this feature in India, which will soon be available in other countries.

When Play Protect detects a harmful app, it can send you a warning to prevent its installation or automatically disable it. The Play Protect scan will extract important signals from the app and send them to Google’s backend structure for evaluation.

After the analysis is complete, it will send you the result to inform you whether the app is safe or harmful. The company claims it uses machine algorithms for its protection to learn from each submitted to the Play Store.

It checks thousands of signals and checks app behaviour to protect users. Google Play Protect scans more than 125 billion apps daily to ensure users stay safe.

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