Huawei plans to launch Mate 50s in 2021 despite sanctions

Huawei plans to release the Mate 50 range by the end of 2021. Despite the sanctions against it and the industry-wide chip shortage, the Chinese group wants to do everything it can to stay on its usual schedule.


According to indiscretions of PictureFan, Huawei believes it has plenty of time to announce a new generation of Mate after the presentation of the P50, whose arrival would be imminent. The Chinese brand would wait several months between the two announcements. Nevertheless, the release of the Mate 50 should take place before the end of the year. Huawei might slightly shift the launch date of the Mate, usually organized in September or October.

Despite the increasing difficulties since the Trump executive order was issued in May 2019, the Chinese group is determined to do everything in its power to stay on track. According to PictureFan, Huawei executives are in the mindset that “as long as we can get it out, the product will definitely appeal to consumers.”

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