Chrome 90 crashes completely on Windows 10 PCs

A few weeks ago, Google rolled out the 90th iteration of Chrome. This new update comes with a host of new features, including the ability to name your tabs. On Windows 10, Chrome is also enriched with new security features aimed at protecting computers against computer attacks.

Unfortunately, the latest version of Chrome does not work properly on many machines running Windows 10. According to the testimonies collected by our colleagues from 9to5Google, the Google browser keeps crashing.


Specifically, all tabs opened by the user stop responding. They then display an empty page entitled “without title”. This is also the case for most extensions installed on Chrome. They become unusable for long minutes. According to some reports, Chrome 90 also regularly refuses to start, even after several restarts.

If you are affected by these bugs, 9to5Google advises you to install the latest beta of Chrome. Aware of some malfunctions, the giant of Mountain View has already integrated a patch to the update. Google should soon propose this patch on the stable channel.

While waiting for this patch, the media also recommends uninstalling and reinstalling Chrome directly from the Google website. Then, activate the synchronization of history, bookmarks and passwords. Close the web browser. Open File Explorer and go to the following address: %LOCALAPPDATA%\Google\Chrome\User Data. Then simply delete the “Local Stafe” file.

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