iOS 14.5: almost 90% refusal of ad tracking

With iOS 14.5, released at the end of April, Apple introduced its anti-ad tracking system. From now on, applications must ask the user’s permission before tracking their activities for the personalization of advertising campaigns. This translates into the display of a panel when the application is opened, with the possibility for the user to accept or refuse this tracking.

This measure has caused an outcry from advertisers, and the first figures confirm their fears: when given the choice, users overwhelmingly refuse to be tracked. According to statistics from Flurry Analytics, the rate of acceptance of ad tracking does not exceed 13% worldwide, with an almost flat curve since the release of iOS 14.5. In the U.S., the rate would plateau at just 5%.

Flurry Analytics adds that few users would still be aware of the global setting to refuse everything once and for all: the rate of users who have activated this option would be only 5% worldwide. The setting is located in Settings > Privacy > Tracking > Allow app tracking requests.

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