Apple would already abandon its iPhone mini

An iPhone 13 mini and then goes away

In a note shared today by Kuo with the site MacRumors, the well-informed believes that the future of the iPhone mini is already compromised. 

According to him, an iPhone 13 mini is well on the agenda at Apple. On the other hand, the form factor of this model is likely to change. Currently proposed with a diagonal of 5.4″, it would go to 6.1″ next year. Yes, exactly like the current iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro. Not so mini, finally.

And for good reason: Apple would like to rework its range of devices. According to Kuo, four models are still planned. But only in two forms: two iPhone 6.1 inches and two iPhone 6.7 inches. Each is available in “classic” or “Pro” version, whose specificities are still unknown.

A more confused range

If Kuo’s information was confirmed, it would especially give the impression that Apple has put itself in a difficult position with its latest range of smartphones.

Although the iPhone 12 mini has been well received by people who regret the gradual disappearance of compact smartphones, everything suggests that this plebiscite has not finally translated into device sales. However, the firm is reportedly refusing to remove the name “mini” from its next models.

It should also be noted that, to a lesser extent, those nostalgic for the era when one could still use a smartphone with one hand can redirect themselves to the iPhone SE and its 4.7-inch screen. So it’s not out of the question that the iPhone 12 mini as we know it will get a second lease on life in the form of the next iPhone SE.

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