Microsoft Edge: the browser will offer a “Performance” mode on Windows 10

A “Performance Mode” for Microsoft Edge

If you’ve just discovered the new Edge 90, you’ll probably be pleased to know that Microsoft continues to refine its Web browser. The company is currently working on a “Performance Mode”, which aims to preserve computer resources as much as possible.

After the “Sleeping Tabs” function, which allows you to put certain tabs to sleep, Microsoft tends to allow users to better control the browser’s consumption. The “Performance” mode will therefore activate Sleeping Tabs by default, and will also reduce the use of the CPU, RAM and therefore the battery.

Of course, although Microsoft promises that this will not necessarily affect the browsing experience, the benefits of this “Performance” mode will vary depending on the habits of users. For example, unused tabs will be put to sleep after only five minutes, compared to two hours with the Sleeping Tabs feature.

This new feature should be deployed soon by Microsoft. It is currently being tested on the “canary” version of Edge 91.

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