The next iMac may have a much bigger screen than the 27-inch one

The current iMacs have 21.5-inch and 27-inch display sizes. However, if the leaked information is correct, the next iMac may have a much larger display.

This information was reported by leak account l0vetodream. According to the account, “the display on the (next) iMac will be really big, bigger than the big one (27-inch). Hmmm… how big will it be?

Maybe 32 inches?

No further details are available at this time, but Apple is selling a 32-inch Pro Display XDR as a larger display than the 27-inch iMac. According to preliminary information, the design of the next iMac will be similar to the Pro Display XDR. I’d be very happy if the next 32-inch iMac would appear in line with the Pro Display XDR.

As for the next iMac, there is a strong possibility that it will move to Apple’s proprietary processor, Apple Silicon. There are also rumors that the 21.5-inch model will be discontinued and a 24-inch model will be introduced with five colorful variations.

Apple has announced that it will hold WWDC online in June, and the next iMac may be announced there. I have a feeling that the next iMac will get a major makeover, and it will be one of the hottest Apple products this year.

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