Bill Gates reveals that he prefers Android to iPhone and explains why.

 So which mobile OS do you prefer, iOS or Android? Although it is not an official MS opinion, the company’s co-founder Bill Gates revealed that he prefers Android and explained why.

Mr. Gates participated in an interview hosted by CNBC and The New York Times journalist Andrew Ross Sorkin, answering a variety of questions. The venue was Clubhouse, an invitation-only chat service.

Sorkin asked Gates if he uses his iPhone regularly and if he prefers iOS over Android. This was an obvious question, given that the current Clubhouse app is only available for iOS and iPad OS.

Mr. Gates responded, “I actually use an Android smartphone,” and “I like to keep up with everything, so I use an iPhone every so often, but I usually carry an Android.

Sorkin added, “Android versus Apple. Is this a religious thing? Mr. Gates replied, “Some of the Android makers are using MS.

Some of the Android manufacturers pre-install MS software. So I’ve gotten used to it. Many of my friends have iPhones, so I’m not religious

Clubhouse co-founder Paul Davison was also present at the event. Davison told Gates and Sorkin that the Android app is a “top feature” the company is currently working on and that he is very excited about it.

Mr. Gates once recalled that the biggest mistake MS made was not taking the Android market. Steve Ballmer, who was the CEO of MS from 2000-2014 (Windows Mobile to Windows Phone in terms of mobile OS), said, “The iPhone was too expensive. Steve Ballmer, who was the CEO of MS from 2000 to 2014 (Windows Mobile to Windows Phone in terms of mobile OS), regretted his disregard for the iPhone, saying that it was too expensive and would never sell, and Gates may have watched his successor’s missteps with mixed feelings.

Anyway, the fact that Mr. Gates is known to be a fan of Android may hasten the release of the Clubhouse app for Android.

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