Android 12’s First Developer Preview Is Out!

Google has released the first developer preview of its latest mobile operating system, Android 12, on February 18. Check it out to get a glimpse of the upcoming software upgrade, which is scheduled for full release later this year.

Features added in this preview version

This build is not yet in its final form, and more features will be added in the spring and summer. The developer preview includes improved media transcoding, faster notifications, enhanced app testing, and improved security and privacy features.

Google has added media transcoding capabilities to Android 12 to support rich content. Apps that do not support HEVC, the next generation video compression standard, can now easily convert HEVC videos.

In addition, to improve the overall quality of image quality, the AV1 image file format (AVIF) has been introduced, which has a higher compression ratio and dramatically improves image quality compared to JPEG at the same file size. In addition, a new API has been added to allow apps to receive rich content from the clipboard and keyboard, making content easier to share.

Major improvements in notification-related features

One of the highlights of this year’s release is a major improvement in the user interface and functionality of notifications. Google wants to speed up the launch of apps from the notification shade and recommends developers to launch apps directly in Android 12 instead of relying on the “notification trampoline” when launching apps. Android 12 encourages developers to launch apps directly instead of relying on “notification trampolines” when launching apps.

In terms of app compatibility and stability, Google plans to expand support for Project Mainline to provide more tools to help developers optimize their apps for tablets, foldable devices, and Android TV. They are also working on a settings menu that can be switched for all types of debugging.

Finally, to better protect user privacy, Google is adding the ability to control the identifiers used for tracking, improved cookie behavior in WebView, and enhanced security for apps that export activity.

For more information, please visit Google’s Android 12 developer site here. The Android 12 preview is available for anyone with a Pixel smartphone (Pixel 3 or 5) to download and test, and can also be used with the Android Emulator in Android Studio. But please note that it’s not intended for the general public, but for developers and other power users!

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