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Samsung Unveils One UI 6 For Watch With Galaxy AI Features

Samsung has announced that Galaxy AI will be available for the Galaxy Watch. From the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 to the current Samsung Galaxy Watch 6, all devices will be able to update their systems. Moreover, One UI 6 Watch’s final version will be available in the second half of 2024; the first beta version will launch only in South Korea and the USA in June.

Galaxy AI-Powered Samsung Watch
The update’s new AI features are its main attraction. The latest version is based on Wear OS 5. Moreover, One UI 6 Watch adds more health capabilities, such as Energy Score and Galaxy AI-powered health advice, in addition to the Wear OS 5 features that Google showcased at its recent presentation.

New AI Features Detailed
One UI 6 Watch can compute an Energy Score, a rating ranging from 0 to 100 points, based on artificial intelligence and data from Samsung Health. Moreover, this score evaluates the user’s level of rest based on heart rate, stress tracking, quality of sleep, and activities from the previous day.

Samsung Health’s new Energy Score function helps you better understand your everyday health. This AI feature for Galaxy Watch examines several aspects of your health and habits to determine if it is safe to work. Furthermore, it includes average sleep time, bed and wake time consistency, heart rate variability, previous day activity, sleep time consistency, sleeping heart rate, and more.

Whether you desire to take on more challenging exercises or lower your body fat percentage, wellness tips can help you in reaching your objectives. By providing more accurate findings and collecting more data, sleep monitoring will employ new AI algorithms. Furthermore, Watch checks such as movement, heart rate, and breathing rate while sleeping.

To “provide additional in-depth sleep insights,” the “sleep AI algorithm” will be improved. New sleep indicators for Sleep Insights are added on Galaxy AI for Watch. To provide you with a more thorough and precise analysis of your sleep quality, enabling you to develop healthier habits.

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