Here’s Everything Announced At Google I/O 2024

At Google I/O 2024, the company is anticipated to integrate Gemini AI functionality into various applications, spanning Google Maps, Chrome, Google Workspace, Gmail, and more. Gemini is poised to take on a more prominent role across all future Android devices, potentially replacing Google Assistant.Here is everything that was announced at Google I/O 2024.

Gemini AI Now Is More Powerful Than Ever
The company announced that Gemini 1.5 Pro at Google I/O 2024, the latest version of its AI model, will now be available to all users via Gemini Advanced. Further, the version open to the public has a context window of 1 million tokens. Meanwhile, Google has now also bumped up Gemini 1.5 Pro to process 2 million tokens. But that will only be available for developers in a private preview. Moreover, It has the “longest context window in the world”. Users can upload 30,000 lines of code of 1-hour long video on Gemini Advanced.

At Google I/O 2024, the company stated it is using Gemini to embrace multi-step reasoning. It’ll break bigger questions down into specific elements. To theory, give you all of the information you need about restaurant recommendations or gym memberships on a single page.

Project Astra: A New Step In Gemini
Google DeepMind CEO Demis Hassabis describes Astra as “a universal agent helpful in everyday life.” Just imagine a super-charged Google Assistant with the smarts of Gemini built in, with image recognition capabilities like those of Google Lens.

Project Astra revealed at Google I/O 2024 is a “multimodal” AI assistant powered by an upgraded version of its Gemini Ultra model. Astra is a “multimodal”—it has been trained on audio, images, video, and text and can generate data in all those formats. Furthermore, it can make sense of your surroundings using the device’s camera and also takes audio, photos, and video input to respond to your queries and follow-up questions.

Google I/O 2024: Meet Chip, An AI-powered Clippy
Google revealed at Google I/O 2024 that it is working on a prototype “Gemini-powered teammate”. Chip works within Workspace apps to track ongoing projects, and acts as its own individual being. Moreover, Chip has a Google account, lives in your chats, and works to assemble outlines on your behalf.

Circle To Search Can Help You Do Homework
Circle to Search is a very useful tool, and with its latest update, you can show it things like physics problems to walk you through step by step. Rather than simply giving you the answer, the idea is that Circle to Search could act like a tutor for you. Meanwhile, Google confirmed at Google I/O 2024 that Circle to Search is coming to even more Android devices later this year.

Google I/O 2024: Now You Can Personalize Your Gemini
Google revealed at its I/O 2024 event that you can now personalize Gemini with its latest update. Furthermore, With Gems, you can train specific chatbots to accomplish certain tasks or to focus on aspects of your daily life. It will act like a teacher for you or as a fitness trainer.

Google Workspace Gets AI
Google is using Gemini to summarize emails, both individually and in threads. Moreover, Google offers the option to look through your entire inbox to find related emails. This could help reduce your need to rely on custom search filters in Gmail. The company also revealed at Google I/O 2024 that Gemini is also coming to apps like Tasks, Calendar, and Keep, allowing you to use the chatbot to ask questions and upload images.

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