Apple Foldable iPhone Or An iPad Loading In 2026, Reports Claim!

Apple’s first foldable device could launch in 2026 or 2027, according to a new report from an “industry source” in South Korea. The possibility of a 7-8 inch foldable device has sparked excitement and speculation about Apple’s next breakthrough innovation. Many technology companies are currently launching foldable devices, but Apple has yet to make its debut in the foldable segment.

What Is The Actual News About Apple Foldable Device?
Apple’s much-anticipated foldable device effort could become a reality sooner rather than later, with speculation pointing to a possible 2026 launch. What’s interesting about this reveal is the uncertainty as to whether the device will arrive as a foldable iPhone or a foldable iPad. Rumours are raising the possibility of acting as a replacement for the iPad Mini series. However, Apple is rumoured to be simultaneously developing an iPad mini with its OLED screen, creating mystery regarding the company’s strategic roadmap.

Behind the scenes, Apple is working on a partnership with display providers Samsung and LG. The partnership includes the provision of samples of foldable panels, with Samsung reportedly leading the development of these cutting-edge displays. However, conflicting views on key design elements can impact a device’s production schedule.

Samsung Display and LG Display have reportedly provided samples of foldable screens in 6-inch and 7-inch sizes, respectively, to Apple. Now, it looks like Apple will poise to do even bigger things with what could be the company’s first foldable device. Then, perhaps around 2028, the company may also launch its 20.25-inch foldable product, branded either with his iPad or Mac. The 20.25-inch size obviously refers to the folding screen inside.

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