ZTE YouCare, the 5G smart T-shirt with polymer sensors

Remote monitoring of a large number of an individual’s bio-vital parameters that can be transmitted, intelligently, thanks to 5G. This is the goal of YouCARE, a service announced by ZTE at MWC2021, which opened its doors today in Barcelona.

A “wearable” technology, easy to use, which involves the use of a t-shirt without metal components and with textile polymeric sensors (“E-Textile”), imperceptible, natively “immersed” in the washable fabric, which allow the detection of the electrical activity of the heart, the analysis of respiratory acts and components of sweat, muscle effort and body temperature.

All these data can be recorded and transmitted through a miniaturized control unit that converts them into digital format and sends them, thanks to ZTE’s 5G connection to a bidirectional platform that in turn transmits them to the user’s smartphone or smartwatch and to a remote unit that analyzes the values thanks to medical software.

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