For Windows 11, here are the update requirements: How to check if your PC is compatible

Windows 11 will likely be available starting in November, but the free upgrade for PCs running Windows 10 is scheduled for 2022 – roughly by June. So there remains the unknown of whether your personal computer will be compatible and technologically adequate to meet the demands of the new operating system.

Minimum requirements for Windows 11

Microsoft has communicated the basic requirements to install Windows 11 on a PC. Specifically it requires:

What is the Trusted Platform Module (TPM)?

Windows 11’s minimum hardware requirements, minus the acronyms, acronyms and gibberish, are met by most PCs in circulation over the past five years. The only criticality is in that “Trusted Platform Module (TPM) version 2.0” that probably only engineers and a few enthusiasts know about. It’s a small hardware component on PC and laptop boards that takes care of computer security. In practice, it is present in all products designed for businesses, in all consumer computers of the last four years and in all computers equipped with at least 8th generation Intel or AMD Ryzen 2000 processors. If you have assembled your own PC or if you have relied on a retailer to do so, you will have to check for its presence on the components or in the data sheets: usually the TMP is integrated in the processor or it is a chip on the motherboard. Finally, it must be remembered that the module may be present but without the correct activation that is done by intervening on the BIOS parameters of your computer.

For “smart” users

A U.S. developer has published on his official page of the GitHub community a software, called WhyNotWin11, which allows you to verify the hardware compatibility of your PC with the future Windows 11. Just download it and run it to get the response and identify any critical issues. Obviously this is not an official tool and you should proceed with caution. Anyway, online users are appreciating its qualities. A simple method to check the presence or status of TMP on your PC is to type the term “tmp” in the Windows search string. At that point a page will appear where you can simply click on the “Security processor” entry to get every informative detail about the mounted version.

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